Sophomore Class

Students of the Sophomore Class are welcome to share their ideas on how to continue to make Becton Regional High School fun, safe, and beneficial to the school community.  Each September, class officers are voted on based on their qualifications for the specific position.  Class officers are looked at as role models and leaders.  As leaders, they are responsible for representing their class at Student Council Luncheons, officer meetings, and fundraising activities. 

The short-term goals of the Sophomore Class are to discuss expectations for their second year of high school and generate ideas for what they would like to achieve and how they would like to enhance their sophomore year and remaining years at Becton. In addition, they strive to raise between $500-$1000 by the end of sophomore year. The money raised is added to their class account which remains with them throughout their four years at Becton. The long-term goal is to raise as much money as possible for both Prom and Graduation to reduce the expenses of each.

Ms. Calasso
Freshman & Sophomore Class Advisor

Amanda Malave

Vice Presidents
Sonal Shahani and
Gracie Taylor