Math League


Math League is a competitive math team open to students who have a passion for mathematics! The team is associated with the Bergen County Math League, which is an organization composed of six groups from various districts across Bergen County. Each group meets six times per year from October through March where they compete by solving complex mathematical problems. We are a traveling team that meets at different high schools to come together and show off our mathematical abilities.

Competitions are split into three rounds where students need to complete problems in a specified period of time. These problems allow students to apply their skills, along with knowledge learned in the classroom. The problems are set up to apply various advanced mathematical concepts in different disciplines. Each round, students are able to score points to add to their overall school ranking. These scores are then ranked among the fellow districts in the county so students have the opportunity to gain recognition for their hard work and skills throughout the year.

Mr. Malyack
Math League &
Math Honor Society Advisor

How to Join:

If you are interested in joining, please join our Google Classroom.

Code:  mrsd4nr