Food Services

The Becton Regional School District contracted with the Pomptonian Food Service company to provide nutritious food to students and staff. Pomptonian is focused on offering a high quality and nutritious lunch service to the communities we serve.  We continuously seek new services and menu items to keep the program fresh and innovative. Pomptonian’s trained staff freshly prepares the day’s meals each morning on premise in the school cafeteria. The production of the meals and service is overseen by ServSafe certified management to ensure that foods are prepared and served at the optimum serving temperatures to produce a fresh, hot, and delicious meal.



The safety of the students we serve is always our highest priority, and we look forward to working in conjunction with the district to manage food allergies. Our menus are designed so students with various food allergies can participate without pre-ordering. The individual meal preparation is handled by a trained staff member who checks labels and is performed away from other meal preparation to avoid the risk of cross contact.

Please click on the link below to read more about Pomptonian's Food Allergy Practices and view the specific allergy-safe menus. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.



Balanced, Nutritious MeNUS

Pomptonian's menus are designed to provide lunches that are consistent with the recommendations of the most recent Dietary Guidelines for Americans including: eat a variety of foods; choose a diet with plenty of whole grain products, vegetables and fruits; choose a diet moderate in sugars and salt; and choose a diet with 10% of calories or less from saturated fat. Each complete meal includes: protein, bread/grains, garden fresh vegetables, farm fresh fruit, and a hormone-free, low-fat milk selection. Click on the link below to view the breakfast menu and current and upcoming lunch menus.


Hot Menu Selections

A wide variety of hot menu selections are featured each day including popular favorites available every day. The cafeteria also presents changing daily specials and an emphasis on healthy entrées in an attractive and appealing style.

Deli Selections

Deli selections are offered each day on a variety of whole grain breads, rolls, and pitas. Students may select from a wide array of freshly sliced cold cuts, natural cheeses, and freshly made salads.

Farm Fresh Salads

The “Farm Stand” is available each day and features a variety of fruits and fresh garden vegetables including dark green and orange vegetables. Locally grown, Jersey Fresh produce is featured in season. Salad meals include all items that are part of a balanced meal.

Farm Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

A variety of fresh fruits and vegetables are offered each day as an accompaniment to the entrée selection. Students enjoy taking a trip to the "The Farm Stand” to complete their meal with a their selection of fresh fruits and vegetables. 

Naturally Delicious Milk

Each meal includes an 8 oz. low-fat, hormone-free milk selection. The flavored milk does not contain high fructose corn syrup.

Healthier Snack Options

All snacks offered are in compliance with the District’s Wellness Policy and limit total fat to 8 grams or less and saturated fat to 2 grams or less. Students choose from a selection of baked snacks, 100% pure fruit juice slushies, yogurt, veggie sticks with dip, fresh fruit, and more. Water, pure fruit juice, and low-fat, hormone-free milk are always available.


Douglas Katz
Pomptonian Food Service
Operations Manager

Heather Constantino
Food Service Director
Ext. 4032