Attendance Appeals


In order to provide students and their parents/guardians the opportunity to appeal decisions under the provisions of the attendance policy, an appeals committee will be established by the principal to hear cases brought by petition by students and/or their parents/guardians. The committee will provide a measure of procedural due process for those desiring to appeal. The student’s attendance record of the class in question, as well as any extenuating circumstances presented, shall constitute the basis of each appeal.

  1. Petition to Appeal form must be submitted to the Assistant Principal by the student and/or parent/guardian within ten (10) school days of the receipt of the deficiency letter. Once the request to appeal has been submitted the student must remain in the class and attend the class in question pending the outcome of the appeals process.
  2. The Assistant Principal or the Principal’s designee will review the appeal petition and the student’s attendance record. If there exists sufficient cause to believe that no abuse of the attendance policy has taken place, then a limited waiver of the attendance policy may be granted. That decision will be communicated in writing to all concerned parties. If however, a possibility exists that an abuse of the attendance policy has occurred, the appeal will be referred to the School Attendance Appeals Committee.
  3. The Appeals Committee shall consist of a building administrator, guidance counselors, school nurse, and CST members when necessary.
  4. The Appeals Committee will examine the pattern of absences and when the absence pattern does not indicate abuse of the attendance policy, the Committee will grant a limited waiver. It should be noted that earning passing grades is not sufficient grounds to grant an appeal. The Committee will also receive the number of excused medical absences and the nature of any personal or family problems that may have contributed toward said absences.
  5. The decision of the Appeals Committee will be made known in writing within ten (10) days of hearing the appeal.
  6. Decisions of the Appeals Committee can be appealed in writing to the Superintendent and then to the Board of Education. Decisions of the Board of Education may be appealed to the Commissioner of Education in accordance with applicable rules.