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The Becton Guidance Department facilitates decision-making related to academic goals, personal and social growth, and post-secondary educational and career-related planning for our student body. Each staff member of the department focuses on a student's individual needs, and if necessary, partners with parents/guardians and other staff members to help each student achieve his or her goal(s). In addition to this, the guidance staff collaborates with each other to help develop solutions to specific needs that may arise in a student’s life and to supply the proper and necessary resources to help each student reach his or her fullest potential.
Guidance Office:  
Phone: 201-935-7074
Fax:        201-935-7514
Marc Caprio 
Supervisor of Guidance 
Ext. 4013 
Jonna Calvanico
Supervisor of Special Education
Guidance Counselor
Ext. 4012
Victoria DeSantis
Guidance Counselor
Ext. 4016
Michele Tabaka
Administrative Assistant
Ext. 4015