NJ High School Graduation Requirements

On June 5, 2019, the New Jersey Department of Education (NJDOE) updated the high school graduation assessment requirements in both English Language Arts/Literacy (ELA) and mathematics for the Classes of 2019 through 2022, pursuant to an amended Consent Order from the Appellate Division of the Superior Court of New Jersey. Click here for more information from the NJDOE about high school assessment graduation requirements that are in place for the Classes of 2021 and 2022.  

Important Update for Class of 2020: Governor Murphy signed Executive Order 117 on April 7, 2020 to address the continued threat of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) to our school communities and the resulting school closures. The Executive Order waives the graduation assessment requirement for any twelfth-grade student who is expected to graduate in the class of 2020 but, as of March 18, 2020, had not yet met the graduation assessment requirement. Students in the class of 2020 who have not yet met the assessment requirement must still meet all the other State and local graduation requirements, including but not limited to credit, curriculum, and attendance requirements.