The Science Department is committed to providing a challenging, engaging, and thorough education to all students. Our Next Generation Science Standards-based core courses give students a background in life, earth, and physical sciences, and our elective courses enable students to further develop their knowledge and explore topics related to their interests. Laboratory experiences and collaboration with fellow students are an integral part of every course as we strive to prepare students for a variety of fulfilling careers that begin with a foundation of critical thinking and scientific inquiry.


Robert DiDomenico


Walter Buhro
Angela Calasso
Michael Cantatore
Giovanni D'Alia
Robert DiDomenico
Michael Lind
Elisabeth Mackanin
Dana Muniz
Lori Robinson

Core Courses:

Anatomy and Physiology (college credit)
AP Biology (college credit)
AP Physics I: Algebra Based (college credit)
Biology/Biology Honors
Chemistry/Chemistry Honors
Environmental Science
Marine Biology
Physics of Engineering
PSI Algebra Based Physics