Physical Education & Health

The Physical Education and Health Department prides itself in offering various types of physical activities that promote a healthy fit lifestyle.  Our selection of activities support and educate students on the importance of individual fitness, the benefits of using teamwork, and the execution of game strategy while adhering to the NJ state standards.  Our overall goal in physical education is to instruct our students on the proper techniques, rules, and safety in every course that we offer.  In addition, our objective is to provide our students with a daily platform where they can demonstrate proper movement concepts that include muscular strength, muscular endurance, cardio vascular fitness, motor fitness, and flexibility.  The health courses that we offer expand our students’ knowledge through informative resources, shared experiences, and associations to the real world.  Furthermore, we encourage all of our students to apply the fitness concepts and health information into their daily routine long after they graduate from Becton Regional High School. 


Annette Giancaspro


Damian Daniello
Brielle Felten
Kevin Hoagland
Jessica O'Driscoll
Michael Settembrino


Physical Education:

  • Aerobic Activities
  • Individual Sports
  • Meditation
  • Team Sports
  • Weight Room
  • Yoga


  • Grade 9: Personal & Community Health
  • Grade 10: Driver's Education
  • Grade 11: First Aid & CPR
  • Grade 12: Family Living