It is a well-known fact that Mathematics and related problem-solving techniques prepare students to lead meaningful and successful lives in any path they choose. The Math Department provides students with courses that not only meet the state requirements, but also prepare them for post-secondary education. The strong foundation of courses includes the application of mathematical operations and solutions to help develop problem-solving and analytical skills to incorporate into real-world situations. Our standards-based curriculum also prepares students for the NJSLA Math given every spring to Algebra and Geometry students as well as the SAT and ACT exams required by many colleges and universities. 

Students must successfully complete three years of math and pass a NJ state mathematics proficiency exam; however, many students opt for a fourth year to further their knowledge and prepare for the many math based careers in today’s world. 



Robert DiDomenico


Lauren Bayersdorfer
Kelly Diakos
Jason Jasinski
Andrea Kochik
Jahn Maka 
Joseph Malyack
Kyle Mendelsohn
Carina Nunez
Olivia Wilson


Algebra I / Algebra I CP 
Algebra II / Algebra II CP / Algebra II Honors
AP Statistics
Calculus/ Calculus Honors
Geometry/Geometry Honors
Pre-Calculus/ Pre-Calculus Honors
Supplemental Math