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The English Department is comprised of a variety of courses that encourage students to gain an appreciation for literature and the English language. These courses adhere to the state standards, focus on both critical reading and writing skills, and prepare students for the NJSLA, SAT, ACT and AP tests. In addition, diverse elective courses are available to all students who are interested in English beyond the four-year state requirement. For twelfth graders interested in college credits, we offer a dual enrollment English 12 CP course. The literature incorporated into our curriculum encompasses a variety of genres, ranging from the classics to contemporary writings. Students are able to take a virtual trip around the world through the chosen writings of accomplished authors.


Belinda Cannarozzi


Belinda Cannarozzi
Bryan DeSousa
Elisa Gatto
Adrienne Hong
Barbara Lonergan
Daniella Polmann
Jessica Ryan
Kathryn Scalera
Justine Settembrino
Vincent Sommese
Catherine Valente



English 9-11
English 9-11 Honors
English 12
English 12 Dual Enrollment
English 12 AP
ACT English Prep
College and Career Writing and Readiness
Contemporary Literature
Creative Writing
Drama I
Film and Literature
Journalism I
Journalism II
Language Arts Lab
Mass Media and Society
Mindfulness Dual Enrollment
Public Speaking
SAT English Prep