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Dr. Sforza is a transformational and visionary educational leader who relentlessly pursues his vision with passion, perseverance, empathy, and wisdom. Dr. Sforza understands the power of relationships, building a positive school culture, and establishing a common and collaborative vision through a team of diverse voices. His research interests include the influence of creativity and critical thinking on curriculum and instruction locally and nationally. 

Dr. Sforza and his team are committed to preparing our students not only for today but also to compete in an ever-changing global society. Our team has clearly demonstrated the ability to harness the power of the connection between creating a school structure and equitable curriculum that connects students’ passions and interests to the academic and emotional competencies necessary to succeed in college and in the 21st Century innovation economy. Some program updates include, but are not limited to, introducing our school district to a 1:1 digital environment, implementing a new and innovative school schedule with dynamic career-focused courses, creating a menu of dual-enrollment college offerings, and overseeing a first class internship experience that reflect the needs of students in today’s world, all while introducing the Becton community to the world of social media. 

As one can see, Dr. Sforza is a true reflective, compassionate, and thoughtful leader who puts the interests of his students, teachers, and staff members first. It is also worth mentioning that Dr. Sforza continues to stay on top of the latest educational research trends by publishing and presenting on progressive educational topics and turns his research into practice with impressive results.  Some of the prestigious and recent national education conferences he has been selected to present at include the University Council of Educational Administration (UCEA) conference in Denver, Colorado and the American Educational Research Association (AERA) conference in New York City. In addition, Dr. Sforza recently co-authored a book chapter in a publication by Teachers College Press of Columbia University titled Learning to Teach in the Era of Privatization: Global Trends in Teacher Preparation. 

Furthermore, Dr. Sforza does not shy away from investing in the schools climate and culture through various initiatives such as Kindness Awards, Wellness Programs, diverse clubs and extracurricular programs, new school traditions, and one of the nation’s first ever Military Signing Days. These experiences, and many more, send a message to stakeholders that our school district takes pride in not only recognizing students for their academic and athletic abilities, but for all their unique and respectful character traits and post-secondary decisions, beyond just college.

All of this success has recently been validated after the Becton Regional High School District was recently selected, out of nearly 17 high schools, as the NEW HOME for Maywood high school students. Maywood Public Schools was looking for a school that had a great academic and extracurricular program, a state-of-the-art facility, a positive school climate, culture and spirit, and the necessary feasibility to become a future partner. Becton Regional had all of this, and through Dr. Sforza’s leadership and beginning in the 2020-2021 school year, has become the official selected high school home for students from the Maywood community. This new partnership will prove to change the trajectory of Becton Regional, in a very positive way, for the next generation.

As a result of his passionate, creative, and energetic leadership style and his program and policy implementation, our school district has turned into a model school district across the state of New Jersey and nation. A first generation child who came from humble beginnings, Dr. Sforza makes it his daily mission to better understand and empathize with some of the personal and academic challenges a number of students may experience. Dr. Sforza’s forward-thinking mindset will continue to ensure future school reform efforts for the Becton Regional High School District continue to sway on the progressive and positive side of academic, technological, and social improvement. 




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