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Becton Regional is a four-year comprehensive high school which strives to meet the general and individual needs of the students and the communities of Carlstadt, East Rutherford, and most recently Maywood.  The district provided education to approximately 700 students during the 21-22 school year, 770 during the 22-23 school year, and 850 during the 23-24 school year.  A variety of subjects and programs are offered in order to prepare students for continuing education or employment beyond high school.  Through an expansive curriculum, extracurricular activities, counseling and special services, and more, our school assists each student in developing character and lifelong skills and achieving his or her goals.

2023-2024 district goals

  1. Becton’s Vision for the Future: The Carlstadt-East Rutherford (Becton) Regional Board of Education is
    committed to advancing its strategic post-referendum review of the Becton Campus Expansion plan. This plan
    encompasses a robust special services program, diverse career, STEM, technology, and numerous hands-on
    trades-focused programs. The vision and goal of the Becton Expansion plan remain steadfast in their dedication
    to directly benefit students from Carlstadt, East Rutherford, and Maywood for the foreseeable future. This
    comprehensive review will involve meetings with various stakeholders and professionals within the three
    communities we serve, culminating in a collaborative, well-prepared plan for a second referendum vote.
  2. Curriculum & Instruction Enhancement: The Carlstadt-East Rutherford (Becton) Regional Board of Education
    is committed to continually enhancing its curriculum and instruction, ensuring that students have opportunities
    beyond the classroom to enrich their educational experience. Specifically, the Board will focus on incorporating
    programs, both during and after school, aimed at improving math proficiency and providing support to our special
    needs and growing ESL student population. These supplemental programs will include technical program
    initiatives, after-school tutoring, high-quality professional development with nationally recognized consultants,
    expanded STEM offerings, college and career opportunities, and a Board-endorsed immersive European
    educational program for over 40 world language students. This program will broaden and deepen their
    understanding of cultures around the world.
  3. Personnel Professional Development, Retention, and New Staff Recruitment: The Carlstadt-East Rutherford
    (Becton) Regional Board of Education is committed to working closely with the administration to effectively staff
    the school district with new, diverse, and highly qualified personnel. This includes the appointment of a new
    District Supervisor of Special Programs and Student Services to manage the district's special needs department
    following the historic merger with Maywood Public Schools, which has led to a nearly 40% increase in total
    students over the past three years, including the current final transition year. Moreover, recognizing the scarcity of
    educators, the Board believes that professional development and staff mentoring are essential for retention and
    district success. A new professional development calendar will be implemented and integrated for staff throughout
    the school year.
  4. Increase Student Accountability and Structure: The Carlstadt-East Rutherford (Becton) Regional Board of
    Education firmly believes that student accountability, structure, and high expectations for behavior are crucial for
    the success of the school system. Given the historically high student population, the Board will work closely with
    the administration to update policies and procedures to ensure accountability and effective monitoring. This will
    primarily involve the introduction of two new programs centered around a Demerit system and E-Hall
  5. Wellness, Safety & Security: The Carlstadt-East Rutherford (Becton) Regional Board of Education is committed
    to investing in the health, wellness, safety, and security of students and staff. This will involve the implementation
    of various wellness and emotional stability programs and initiatives. Furthermore, the Board intends to hire a new
    SAC/Mental Health Coordinator to address the growing mental health challenges and a dedicated School Security
    Guard who will also serve as the Truancy Officer at Becton Regional High School. In alignment with the school's
    vision and philosophy, this multifaceted role will involve ensuring the safety and security of students, staff, and
    visitors, while promoting our commitment to academic excellence, personal growth, and a safe, inclusive learning
    environment. Additionally, the role will include oversight, security, and coordination of security at Becton
    Regional HS Athletic and Extracurricular events as needed, conducting residency investigations as necessary, and
    serving as an integral part of the Code Blue team and Threat Assessment Team, coordinating with local police
    when required.
  6. Facilities & Campus Upgrades, Enhancements, and Acquisitions: The Carlstadt-East Rutherford (Becton)
    Regional Board of Education is dedicated to leveraging underutilized space in and around our campus to
    significantly increase staff and student parking, improve parent/student drop-off zones, enhance bus drop-offs and
    pickups, and add classroom, office, and storage spaces where necessary to accommodate the influx of students
    and staff resulting from the successful Becton-Maywood partnership. Additionally, the Board is keenly aware of
    the district's exponential growth and the shortage of space in and around the campus. Therefore, the Board will
    continue to collaborate with the administration, external entities, professionals, and experts to secure the
    acquisition of 160 Paterson Avenue. This acquisition will entail a contract between the Board and the seller,
    including all appropriate contingencies to secure the property and land effectively.
  7. Athletics: The Carlstadt-East Rutherford (Becton) Regional Board of Education is committed to continuously
    assessing the needs of our expanding athletic program to compete effectively with our new competition status and
    cater to the interests of students with new levels and sports teams. The Board plans to establish an official
    swimming team and Boys Volleyball program, which will involve negotiations for space and facilities usage for
    swimming, investments in new equipment, uniforms, and coaches for both new teams and other levels of sports
    teams. Furthermore, the Board intends to hire a strength and conditioning coach to support athletes in preparing
    for individual and team success.

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